The BNR Badge


BNR Badge Colour

The Brisbane North Region badge represents the geographical extent of the region. It includes the following main elements:

  • The bright green colour portrays the vibrant and fresh programs, membership and environment of our region.
  • The compass represents the principles of Scouting as taught by BP.
  • The maroon and gold lettering indicates our association with Queensland Branch.
  • The Scouts Australia logo completes our Australian membership.

The BNR badge may be used on promotional material and correspondence associated with the Region. To do so, right click on the image above and Save to your computer.

A black and white version is available as well if required for printed material. Use of this will ensure compliance with the Scouts Australia brand requirements.

BNR Badge black and white

Note that this will not produce the same result as the colour version printed black and white.


The badge was designed by Ernie Gibbs, former ARC Venturer Scouts BNR, in response to a competition organised by Hsien-Jin Teoh in 2019.